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Education and Social Justice - Promoting equality and tackling discrimination in Royal Greenwich schools.

Promoting equality and tackling discrimination in Royal Greenwich schools.

Questions around diversity and inclusion are vitally important and even more so in this heightened climate of anxiety following the referendum.  With an increase in hate crime against minority communities across London it is important that schools are equipped with tools to promote diversity and inclusion, within the context of SMSC.  Ensuring Royal Greenwich young people are resilient and well-rounded individuals, who are respectful and appreciative of living in multi-ethnic Britain, requires schools to ensure that the staff workforce understand issues of equality and social justice.

The Work

To establish a Task and Finish group of senior leaders and local authority staff to develop the thinking around issues of social justice and equality in education.

The group will consider the potential for carrying out some research and training into how schools tackle discrimination and promote equality. The intended impact of this work is that schools will be supported to:

  • Effect sustainable social change through changing mindsets about how to tackle discrimination.
  • Create an expectation from children and young people that their gender, ethnicity, disability, religion and sexuality are aspects of their identity that schools value and celebrate, not factors which limit their achievement.
  • Provide children and young people with an education that empowers and enables them to contribute positively to a diverse society, thus supporting social cohesion.
  • Understand how to tackle discrimination and promote equality.
  • Learn from examples of outstanding inclusive leadership and practice both locally and nationally.

Please contact John Camp at if you would like to part of this work.